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Hair Extensions San Antonio,TX

When you have hair extensions applied professionally your own hair stays healthy and continues to grow protected while you still have the ability to love and style the long luscious hair of your're dreams.

It is now more possible than ever to have the long, thick, HEALTHY hair you have always wanted! Hair extensions are my passion and it is all I do at my San Antonio hair extension salon, Extensions of Yourself. 

For over 17 years I have been perfecting my skills with hair extensions focusing on helping those with hair loss, thinning hair and those who are simply unhappy with their current hair. Also available are options for those who want to just add some extra volume to their existing style.


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Extensions of Yourself is San Antonio’s FIRST salon solely specializing in custom hair extensions for those that struggle with fine hair, thinning hair and those who have had damage done by others poorly applied extensions. Extensions of Yourself provides many different options and methods of hair extensions, using the highest quality human hair sourced from all over the world, specifically created for each individual client.

Because of the exclusive partnerships with leading companies such as Great Lengths and Hairdreams, two of the top brands pioneering the hair extension industry along with custom sourcing of virgin human hair from regions such as Russia, India, Scandinavia and the Ukraine gives you the ability to have the best hair extensions in the world.


When applying hair extensions my goal is to provide beautifully full, thick, long hair with virtually invisible and comfortable keratin attachments using a technique called cold fusion hair extensions.


Offering only the best quality hair extensions, Extensions of Yourself proudly specializes in over 64 hair extension brands and methods including:

  • Great Lengths hair extensions 

  • Hairdreams hair extensions

  • Gold Fever hair extensions

  • Gold Class luxury hair extensions

  • So-Cap and many others!


Private sourcing of virgin human hair from all over the world done exclusively for Extensions of Yourself completes the finishing touches to customize your hair extensions to blend and look exactly like your own hair!


Hair extensions are not just for adding length to hair, they also add thickness and volume to fine thin hair. Extensions can create highlights without having to color your natural hair and strategically placed strands are needed to achieve Balayage highlights.

Impulsive decisions lead to disasters down the road!

The majority of my clients who decide to get hair extensions are unhappy with their current hair. Some of the reasons people come see me range from a haircut they regret, damage caused by over processing of color or manual styling, damage from other methods of extensions, even those with hair loss and or thinning hair. Professional hair extensions can be life changing when done right, don't make the mistake of rushing into anything and don't just go with the first person you see for a consultation..

Others that reach out to me were turned away and told they are not "good candidates” for hair extensions because they have fine hair, short hair, hair loss or substantial thinning. Some have medical conditions and some even have compulsive disorders such as Trichotillomania that causes them to pull their hair out.

Virgin Blonde Russian Slavic Hair

Extensions have become even more popular in the last several years so the number of people claiming to provide the  "best hair extensions" can make any decisions overwhelming! Take the time to look up the stylist as well as the method of hair extensions they use and be sure to  follow my tips on what to look for and what to stay away from!

Virgin Russian Hair
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I work with women who have short hair, damaged hair, fine hair or those who suffer from hair loss and thinning whether due to stress, hormone changes or medical conditions such as alopecia, trichotillomania. Whatever the reasons for your hair loss or current unhappiness, Extensions of Yourself Provides:

  • Luxury Private Setting in Stone Oak 

  • Specialty salon providing custom Hair Extensions

  • Personal one-on-one Consultations

  • Extensionist with over 17yrs experience in Hair Extensions

  • Platinum level Certified with the Best Brands in Industry

  • Flexible appointments for your convenience

  • Specialized solutions for fine hair, hair loss and thinning hair

  • Comfort Amenities: Wi-Fi, Cable TV, DVD, coffee-tea bar snacks

Blonde hair extensions

All visits are held privately in my spacious luxury 5 room salon where YOU are my only guest and my only focus.


Quality hair is essential for the best hair extensions that will look incredible and feel soft, silky and natural.  Extensions of Yourself creates custom hair extensions that are made exclusively with  100% Remy/Remi virgin human hair, collected from around the world.

"Virgin" hair simply means the hair has not been chemically treated (colored) or damaged by UV rays, making this the highest quality human hair for luxury hair extensions. The hair cuticle stays intact maintaining optimal health.

If you care for your hair extensions you will enjoy gorgeous hair for the entire time you wear them and you'll see why so many people have turned to Extensions of Yourself for their confidence boosting beauty secret - hair extensions.

Following your private consultation, the hair is custom ordered to perfectly match your hair color, density and texture. It's then specially sorted, color matched and blended for your specific hair needs making them truly "Extensions of Yourself".


At Extensions of Yourself, voted the #1 hair extension salon in San Antonio and the first hair salon to specialize exclusively in customized hair extensions, everything I do is designed to accentuate your own beauty through hair extensions. Whether adding fullness, length or filling in thinning spots, creating hair extensions customized for your specific hair needs is what I do!

If you're looking for the best hair extensions in San Antonio, Extensions of Yourself can help! ALL of the hair I use is 100% human hair and only the best quality, unprocessed (virgin) and ethically sourced hair is used to create the individual strands used for your hair extensions.

Obtaining and maintaining hair extensions is MUCH easier than you think.


I have personal experience with these very issues and live with them every day, helping others love what they see in the mirror is why I've continued to do this for 17 years.

My name is Melissa I hope you have a look around my site and feel free to reach out to me for your consultation! 

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