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The most common causes of thinning hair or hair loss in women are illness, stress and hormones. Whether from menopause or medical issues such as thyroid imbalance, treatments such as chemotherapy, medical procedures like general anesthesia and even simply having your medications adjusted can cause hair loss.


Unfortunately, the reasons are rarely ever diagnosed, and one is never offered realistic solutions.

In today's world, Dr.'s commonly tell you it's some form of stress, alopecia, female pattern baldness, overproduction of DHT, or even because you're getting old but they address it by saying "well it's not killing you". Even if hair loss is a direct side effect of a medication they are only concerned with treating the illness not the devastating side effects.


Whatever the reason for your hair loss Extensions of Yourself understands the challenges you face, and how much it can affect your self confidence, and your life. I give you alternatives which will help you make the best decision for YOU!

Women who have hair loss or thinning hair face very difficult challenges. It's hard enough for a man to lose his hair even though it is quite common for them. For a woman, losing her hair can be devastating. Despite what you may think or what you may have heard you DO have options for thinning hair in San Antonio!

The best way to find out whether or not hair extensions are an option for you is to come in for a complimentary personal and PRIVATE one on one consultation offered in the comfort of a private salon to discuss and implement all of your needs! The process for all hair extensions is custom and precise to each client’s hair concerns. I am dedicated to helping you find any and all options available and what may be best for your unique life situation.

Virgin blonde Slavic hair extensions

When done PROPERLY many women find that hair extensions are comfortable and so much easier to take care of, BUT only when done by a professional who truly understands fine and thinning hair!! Extensions for thin fine hair can be worn and styled just like your natural hair without having to be self-conscious, but best of all they don't need the constant daily upkeep that a wig requires.

Solutions for fine/thinning hair

Wigs are hot (especially here in San Antonio), they are itchy and most often make you feel less like yourself. They can be awkward to wear, and many women feel insecure about wigs staying in place or even falling off if the wind blows.

To get a truly "custom" wig that is REAL human hair made with the correct density of hairs in the piece as well as the thickness and texture of each actual hair strand, be prepared to spend upwards of $5000.


Wigs can also restrict the blood flow to the hair follicles causing even more damage to the hair (think about men who wear hats all the time). Wigs are something on your mind constantly, because you need to remove them and put them back on every day.


NO WOMEN should have to feel the emotional impact and the reminder that they are wearing a wig every day. 

Traditionally women experiencing thinning hair are lead to believe they have no other options and told they can only wear wigs and hair pieces. Most are not aware that there are other options for thinning hair, fine hair or hair loss in San Antonio: Individually customized hair extensions.

At Extensions of Yourself I personally understand the emotional burden of hair loss and work closely with all of my clients to ensure that you receive the most advanced options available for thinning hair and hair loss.

After moving to San Antonio I opened my specialty salon, Extensions of Yourself, wanting to provide services that were not available to me at the time I was suffering with the worst of my own thinning hair problem. 

For over 17 years I’ve worked with a variety of products and methods for thinning hair solutions, but none of the "theories" behind them were going to help those of us that had thin hair to begin with, and most offered only marginal help for those who have developed thinning or hair loss.  


I have worked with thousands of women to help them achieve having the long, full and luscious hair they have always dreamed of using custom hair extensions.

Focusing solely on Hair Extensions I went and educated with the best hair extension companies and brands in the industry, and then applied my "thinking outside the box" approach to start trials on my own hair.

This has let me help women achieve the look of thicker more voluminous hair, even those of us who have shorter hair that is thinning as well. From my own personal experiences and having worked with women suffering from medical conditions and/or medical treatments that cause hair thinning and hair loss, I have developed my own specialized techniques using customized hair extensions for thin fine hair.

These methods are the SAME methods that I apply to my own balding lifeless hair and they have been 100% successful.

Feel free to contact me anytime to book your free consultation and find out the best hair extension options for YOUR  hair!

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