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While I would like to only show the "good" transformations, I feel it is also important to highlight what can go wrong with hair extensions when they are not installed by someone that has adequate training and experience in hair extensions.

Do your research and educate yourself before you go in for consultations with anyone! Never make a decision at the first consultation. Take your time and go home to think about the consultation you’ve had. Fact check what you have been told about the recommended hair, the application method and ask to see real client results the stylist has actually had.

If someone is trying to pressure you, or if they get upset because you need more time to make your decision, this is a BIG indication to keep looking for the right Hair Extension Specialist! 

To protect your investment and more importantly your own natural hair, make sure to look for certifications with reputable hair extension companies and that the stylist's own name is printed on the certificates. Ask to see before and after photos of actual clients that they have done hair extensions on. You should also ask whether you can see photos showing clients  hair after  the removal of the hair extensions or in between having the next set applied to make sure there is no damage done to the hair because of the application they do.

After removal but before new extensions are put in is a good time to check whether there has been damage to the client’s scalp or hair. While a trained eye can spot poorly applied hair extensions, they can be difficult to spot if you don’t know what to look for.

Problems caused by inappropriate application methods or poor quality hair extensions do not show up immediately upon application, it's usually after the first set is removed that the extent of the damage is seen.


Everyday I talk to women who have no idea that real human hair is not as easily available as one would think. If someone says "we stock all hair in the salon" RUN.  Even the most basic brands of cheap "hair" extensions have over 55,000 combinations of things like texture, length and color for example. It is statistically impossible to carry all of the variations needed for each person in stock and not have hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up. This does not happen.

What this means is they are not stocking real human hair. I keep hearing people say they were told to go to a local beauty supply to get the hair and bring it in or they had to color their own hair to match the "extensions" they have. This is because they are not using real hair. Women can't go into the same clothing store that only carries 2 sizes and find clothes for themselves right? Why would hair extensions be any different?


If you are still unsure ask the stylist for another mini consultation after you've had some time to absorb the first one.  Any extensionist you are considering should be willing to give you client references. They should have at least one current client that has recently had hair extensions installed by them and there should be someone that you can call to get their opinion/recommendation before making any decisions.

See real clients hair after they unfortunately chose the wrong extensionist when getting hair extensions, learn how to avoid these same mistakes and see how their hair was fixed.

When you meet with a stylist or consult with anyone

about hair extensions ask questions

You also need to ask about any and all maintenance that is required with the hair extensions  they are recommending for you. This includes any special products you may have to use, styling  restrictions, and any additional costs you may have while you wear your hair extensions.

Don’t forget to ask about any limitations with their method offered such as not being able to pull your hair up or only being able to use certain hair products. Above all take your time to make your decision, do your research and only then can you make the best decision for your specific hair needs.

In addition to asking about the stylists experience, you’ll want to get answers about the quality of hair extensions used  and the application method or methods that stylist has been trained in and are recommending to their clients.

Hair extensions custom sourced for San Antonio's Extenson of Yourself

Damage caused by other stylists improperly applied hair extensions

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