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Hair Used for Extensions

At Extensions of Yourself the selection of hair used is carefully matched to each individual client's need. Women who come to my specialty salon have often tried hair extensions elsewhere and have been disappointed or have had damage done to their hair and need expert help.

 I offer solutions working with the finest quality hair while also using a proven method I have created over the last 17 years while personally dealing with these very issues on a daily basis.

Pre colored hair drying on racks

Raw Indian hair is being slowly removed of pigment to prepare for custom coloring

Being a stylist that lives with thinning hair myself everyday allows me to understand the needs of those with fine and thinning hair and custom tailor each and every head of hair extensions to that individual's personal hair needs.

Raw Indian hair dried after being stripped of natural color

Aren't all hair extensions basically the same hair?

Simply put, No.

In the professional hair extension industry, there are several ways to obtain the very best 100% remy virgin human hair. "Remy Hair" simply means, hair that is carefully sanitized and processed with the cuticle intact and facing the same direction. The best quality hair is also virgin hair, meaning that it has not been colored or chemically processed by the donor.

The first option to source quality hair is to order directly from the best hair extension companies in the world, including 2 of the top pioneers in the industry Great Lengths and Hairdreams that utilize Indian temple hair as well as european textures.

Another option is to source hair directly from overseas in Russian Territories and regions such as Ukraine, Yugoslavia , Uzbekistan, Scandinavia, Siberia and smaller remote villages where they still live as people did 100 years ago.  This is by far the most exclusive luxury hair available in the market today.  Some of the LAST territories where women and men have gorgeous shades from light brown to the brightest blondes.

With that exclusivity comes a more expensive class of luxury hair. Once turned into custom hair extensions they will last you YEARS with upkeep and routine maintenance. This exclusive Luxury Hair is collected ETHICALLY and will never be dark brown or black, don't be fooled by fake Russian hair!

Hair used for wigs, clip -in's and cheap extensions purchased by consumers, is often called "Bulk Hair" or "Brush Hair" and is collected from floors as well as hair brushes used by women and men daily.

 It's aggressively treated with acids and chemicals to strip the hair of the natural pigments in order to achieve non pigmented hair color. This process destroys the cuticle.

Next, using colored fabric and carpet dyes, the hair is colored and they are then able to achieve the lightest colors available like platinum blondes. The "hair" is then heavily coated in silicone to make it very shiny and appear as healthy hair. 

close up of Indian "floor hair"

This shiny hair will only last a few shampoos until all that silicone starts to wash off!

Close up of "Brush Hair" used in cheap extensions

Cheap extension brands that claim they are "Remy hair extensions" are misleading, as ALL human hair used in extensions should be remy, and there is no such thing as "cheap" when it comes to real human hair! 

Extensions of yourself does not use hair that is not ethically sourced! We do NOT use cheap "Brush Hair" pictured!

 Just because someone says "100% Remy Hair Extensions" in NO WAY implies it is in fact human hair.  My horse's tail and mane are "Remy" hair!  Some cheaper hair companies actually use animal hair or mix with synthetic filament and even worse "brush or floor hair" as a way to cut costs. 

True remy hair can be categorized as any human hair collected in a ponytail and kept meticulously organized while putting great care into the process of turning them into hair extensions.

Piles of "Brush Hair" used in cheap hair extensions

A processing facility in India with a room full of "Hair Balls" aka "Brush Hair".

Remy hair has its cuticle intact, and running in the same direction to prevent tangling, the same way it grows from your head. The cuticle is what makes hair..HAIR. Unless hair is purchased by an ethical, professional, certified extensionist you will not know if what you paid for is even real hair! 

Hair extensions which utilize the best quality human hair will reward you with hair that is not only beautiful, but lasts longer than the "one-size-fits-all"  hair extensions. 

A skilled hair extension artist will help select the types of hair which will best match your natural hair to give a look that will blend beautifully and seamlessly with minimal effort.

Anyone experienced with hair extensions will tell you there is no comparing cheap "Sally's" or local beauty supply hair to real human hair.

Most importantly real human extensions, when done properly will NOT damage your hair but allow it to grow healthy and protected.

What kind of Human Hair is Used For Hair Extensions

Indian Hair

Indian hair is similar to that of Caucasian or European hair in it's basic structure. The color is usually black or dark brown. Indian hair has a slight wave that creates beautiful body and fullness.


Indian women traditionally cut off their long hair at religious pilgrimage ceremonies, also if they want to ask a special favor or offer thanks to a deity at a religious temple.

The money collected from the sale of this hair is then put back into the community to build schools, hospitals and to keep the prayer temples operating for millions each year that visit.


The cuticle layer of the hair is perfectly healthy and intact since Indian hair is also unprocessed well taken care of and because of these factors it's an exceptional quality.


European hair varies immensely in type, texture and color depending on the region. 


The textures can range from straight, kinky and even wavy and curly. The density of each strand might be anything from fine Russian Slavic hair to coarse thick strands of Uzbekistan origin.


This tends to be of fine to medium strength and accepts coloring very well. The color can vary from blonde to red through to darkest medium brown.


This hair has become incredibly hard to source and is the most expensive hair due to availability.


Unfortunately it is also one of the most faked origin of hair and you want to be weary of those that don't know specific origin of the hair they use!


Oriental - Chinese and Asian hair types are usually straight and the texture is thick. The hair is usually very strong and has a tendency to resist chemical processes.


This is 90% of the hair used in the market for Clip-In's and weaves.


The color is darkest brown or black, and occasionally the black tends to have a bluish tone to it.


Chinese hair is not suitable to use alone for most extension clients so most of the hair is processed with so many harsh chemicals to be usable.

Chinese hair is a beautiful quality as these woman rarely visit hair salons for chemical treatments of any kind, unfortunately not many westerners have similar hair.

I only use the highest quality 100% REAL human hair extensions at Extensions of Yourself.

What most women who wear hair extensions don't realize is the STAGGERING amount of hair that comes from the human trafficking trades and networks throughout the world. Extensions of Yourself does NOT support that! When you buy hair extensions, be sure to ask where the hair comes from!


Book your consultation today and learn why the quality custom hair extensions offered at Extensions of Yourself are the best hair extension options in San Antonio!

At Extensions of Yourself, I custom create your hair extensions to match your natural hair color and texture as close as possible, using only the highest quality 100% Remy human hair extensions that are exclusively ETHICALLY SOURCED from all over the world.

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