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Hairdreams Hair Extensions

At Extensions of Yourself, ensuring gorgeous, natural-looking hair extensions comes down to the quality of both the hair as well as the system itself. Both factors are trademark characteristics of Hairdreams hair extensions. As a certified luxury Hairdreams partner, I am proud to offer Hairdreams hair extensions in San Antonio.


Hairdreams Extensions exclusively uses 100% human hair, which is collected from all around the world in accordance with strict ethical guidelines. Hairdreams hair stands out with its healthy, glowing shine, brilliant lasting colors and natural elasticity. Two quality levels are offered: “basic” and “special”.

"Special" 7 Star Hair is virgin hair collected mostly from smaller countries. This raw virgin quality hair comes in natural colors, from blonde to dark brown. Hairdreams keeps only the best hair from all over the world to be used in their luxury hair extensions. Hairdreams chooses and collects this hair according to highest quality standards. Hairdreams chooses only virgin hair (not colored or chemically treated) that is not damaged in any way (by flat iron, curling iron etc.).


After the virgin hair is collected, the raw hair is hand-sorted, hair by hair, in a meticulous and labor-intensive process. This hand-selection process can take about 10 days. Hairdreams 7 Star Hair passes through a very complex 15-step process.

The quality of the attachments or bonds, is just as important for the best results. A wide selection of various strands and bond thicknesses allows for an exceptional fit for all hair types. Comfort Points are a Hairdreams signature. These elite attachments provide extra comfort and the feeling of nothing being in your hair.


Hairdreams quality hair extensions are offered by Extensions of Yourself in San Antonio! If you are interested in finding out more about Hairdreams pricing or where to get the best Hairdreams extensions in San Antonio, book your free consultation with me today.

before and after Hairdreams hair extensions
"I personally perform all services
from initial consultation, hair preparation services like Olaplex treatments, everything down to final hair extension application in a private one-on-one setting designed to give my clients the very best experience possible"
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