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Great Lengths Hair Extensions San Antonio

Great Lengths is one of the top hair extension companies in the world. Great Lengths is recognized and used by celebrities as well as women from all walks of life. I am a Platinum Certified Great Lengths Artist who is dedicated as a hair extensionist to meet the high standards set by Great Lengths. 


Great Lengths uses only 100% real human hair collected from Indian temples. Great Lengths offers over 40 natural shades to match the color of your own hair. Great lengths human hair extensions can be custom created to match any hair type, color and texture.

The patented Great Lengths keratin bond has the ability to expand and contract with human hair. For example, when you wash your hair or get it wet, the hair shaft expands. When it dries it contracts. Bonds that do not mimic the natural hair will soon begin to shred your hair if not allowed to expand and contract.

This is a Great Lengths exclusive feature. The extensions are virtually impossible to detect and offer tremendous versatility! As a Hair Extension Expert who has worked with Great Lengths for many years,  I can proudly offer the "Rolls Royce" of hair extensions, worn by my celebrity clients and my clients here in San Antonio! 

I'm often asked "How much are hair extensions or how much do hair extensions cost"? A consultation is needed to be able to price any type of extensions. There are over 55,000 combinations of colors, lengths and textures, how long your hair is, how long you're wanting your extensions as well as the density of your own natural hair. Be wary of those that are quick to give a price without seeing your hair first! Because there are so many factors that go into pricing no salon will stock that much real human hair, meaning if you get an immediate price and extensions can be done the same day, IT'S NOT REAL HUMAN HAIR! 

I provide all services in my San Antonio specialty salon. From your initial consultation, to services such as color correction, Brazilian Blowout treatments,  new application of your own Great Lengths hair extensions or removal of the old set, I will be the only one you see.

As a Platinum Certified Great Lengths professional stylist, I will match you with the best hair extensions to help you achieve the look you deserve. 

Also known as “Star Strands”, Great Lengths hair extensions are worn by most of Hollywood’s brightest stars, models and celebrities. Great Lengths hair extensions are offered in San Antonio by a limited number of Stylists. Representing Great Lengths hair extensions in San Antonio my only goal at Extensions of Yourself is to make your desire for longer, thicker, more beautiful hair a reality.

Virgin blonde Slavic hair extensions

I personally work with you to get your hair to optimum health, and to achieve the look you desire. You are never passed off to anyone else. Click below to book a free consultation or visit Great Lengths website to find out more about the most recognised name in quality hair extensions!

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