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Best Hair Extension Options

When you have special considerations such as thin hair, hair loss, or hair that is thinning on top or throughout your head, you need an expert who can guide you to the best hair extension and application methods possible. It is NOT  something that is taught in hair extension classes. Once you know the options available to you, you'll see why the quality hair extensions offered at Extensions of Yourself are the right option for you.

Examples of various hair extension methods

Let's look at the alternatives women consider in hair extensions, such as hair pieces, wigs, weaves, clip-in extensions, Micro Rings and Tape. The type of hair you have (influenced by your ethnicity, the texture, color and health) should be the major consideration of your hair extension stylist. Your own hair affects the type of application methods that can even be considered if you want to keep your hair healthy and damage-free.

Weaves/Sew Ins

"Natural beaded rows"

An early form of hair extensions that consist of braiding a cornrow across the back of your head. (from ear to ear). Multiple tracks of hair are then sewn (and sometimes glued to the scalp) into the cornrow. There are several drawbacks to this method. For those with fine/ thin hair, the cornrow creates a braid which is too thin and fragile to support the weight of the tracks of hair sewn on (the weave).  Because of the ridge the braid and track create, it is impossible to blend the weave and your own hair to appear natural. It is also hard to wash your scalp so your head easily becomes irritated.

Other methods that fall into this category would be beaded rows/wefts and Malaysian weaves. These use the same principles of attaching multiple wefts to small sections of your own hair, each is done a bit different using the same cheap nickel beads used in the micro ring method as well as sewing using the traditional thread as well.

These all have the same basic issues… they are all far too heavy for your own hair and will cause damage and balding!

Beaded row/weft hair extensions

The laws of Physics don't change just as laws of weight and gravity are true no matter the year! I feel like everyone is trying to fight this basic principle when it comes to hair extensions. That is exactly why the standard extension methods of “one size fits all” do not work and never will.

Extensions of Yourself offers hair extension and hair enhancement options, keeps them affordable and offers truly THE BEST HAIR EXTENSIONS in San Antonio. ALL of the hair used for my extensions is 100% Human Remy Hair and only the absolute best available quality. 

Over many years I have developed a special and unique strand-by-strand hair extension application. It starts with 100% real human hair that is sourced to match your texture and color of your own natural hair.

Small discreet hair extensions

Small discreet hair

extension attachments

Large heavy bonds like

these will cause damage!

Improper hair extension bond application

The small custom strands of quality extension hair are rolled and wrapped around small sections of your hair. I use micro strands or "baby extensions" which are tiny thin attachments that are virtually undetectable! They are safe, very comfortable, painless to apply and wear for months. There is no tension or strain put on your own hair while wearing hair extensions. Letting your hair "hibernate" protected by the extensions, allows it to grow healthy without the normal "wear and tear" damage caused by what we do to our own hair daily with heat styling!

What does work?

When you have professionally applied hair extensions your natural hair stays healthy and continues to grow, protected while you still have the ability to style and play with the hair you've always wanted. Hair extensions are not just for adding length to hair, they also add thickness and volume for fine thin hair and protect damaged and over processed hair allowing your own hair to get healthier.

Extensions can create highlights without having to color your natural hair and only a few strands are needed to achieve Balayage or a highlight/ lowlight look. Celebrity trends can be achieved with the best quality human hair used by Great Lengths, Hairdreams and private sourcing done by Extensions of Yourself. These are the BEST options in the hair extension industry.

Your hair extensions are custom ordered to suit your specific individual hair needs by perfectly matching your texture as well as the length and color, these hair extensions truly are "Extensions of Yourself ".

My goal is to have you loving your hair everyday, then you'll see why so many have turned to quality hair extensions as their beauty secret.

Come see me for your private, complimentary consultation at my luxury specialty hair extension salon.

Everything I do at Extensions of Yourself is designed to accentuate your own beauty through hair extensions. 
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